Maternity pillow- increase blood flow.

Ira T. Martin
Maternity pillow- increase blood flow.

A good maternity pillow supports the growing bumps and eases the back and joint pains, helping for a sound sleep. Pregnant women need sufficient rest and sleep for well being of her and the unborn child. Oversized, stiff pillows do not provide the right support and add discomfort to sleeping and seating posture. The belly of a pregnant woman grows to such proportion that she is forced to side sleeping. To facilitate this, you have to arrange all available pillows, but ultimately pregnancy pillows give optimal comfort and ease.

Support to the bulging belly

The long supple pregnancy pillow gives ample support to the bulging belly, provide relief to her back and shoulders. The pillows are designed to give better alignment to hips and knees and reduce stress on the spine and upper body. It gives her natural support to sit to sleep for a few hours now and then. The mother wants to safeguard the fetus from external harm, so she takes every possible measure. The baby needs nourishment to grow; the mother must be careful to give the adequate nourishment and avoid physical injury. Regular mattresses are not designed to provide the necessary comfort and support to the would-be mother.

Relieves pain and aches.

A pregnancy pillow is carefully crafted and designed to provide the support to changing, bulging contours and curves of a woman. They are designed to give full-body support and hence manufactured much more extended and broader than regular ones. The woman can sleep more comfortably on the pillow during motherhood. As she bears the child in her womb, the bodyweight increases put extra pressure on the back, legs, and hips. A right lying posture ensures enough and proper support to these body parts, a pregnancy pillow allows all these necessary comforts, thus relieving pain and aches.

Increases blood circulation

Sleeping inside posture brings benefits like increased blood circulation in a pregnant woman. Sleeping sideways without a pregnancy pillow is challenging, discomforting. The pillow gives the desired support to the bulging belly in sideway sleeping and thus increases blood circulation. Adequate rest and sleep are essential for developing the embryo, and a pregnancy pillow allows her to sleep for long hours. Even after childbirth, the pillow remains useful, as she can lay the baby in the right posture during breastfeeding. There is no thumb rule to start using a pregnancy pillow. After twenty weeks of pregnancy, the belly starts bulging, causing stress in ligaments and other body parts. This could be an ideal time to start using these pillows.

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