Hoodies Type and How to Wear Them?

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They are known as the queens of street wear, of the urban look. That’s why at essentialshoodie.co.uk we want to give you some ideas to wear a stylish outfit like essentials hoodie. This garment can be used by both men and women to look good in different seasons. Read on and learn how.

Hoodies Are A Comfortable Piece

Hoodies, as they are called in English, are a common piece in everyone’s wardrobe. Almost as basic as a jeans or a white t-shirt. There was a time when they were only associated with criminals and negative situations, but that was left behind.

They are not sportswear, although originally they are for sports use, since the 30s. It was used to keep athletes warm and dry when it rained.

Later, its use went to the streets and that is where it became a basic. It was embraced by cultures like hip-hop, skateboarders, teens, young adults, and college kids.

But, they no longer represent troubled or upset teens who want to cover up. Rather, they are for adult men and women who want to look fashionable. Today they appear on fashion catwalks, they are practical and comfortable.

For women today, Hoodies are a complement to their everyday wardrobe in almost any season. They could make you look a bit masculine, but with a lot of style if you know how to combine them well.

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Types of Hoodies

There are several types of Hoodies that you can choose from depending on what you want to wear them for. These are:

  • Hoodie without zip: usually has a strip on the hood so you can adjust it. The shape is loose so it is easy to put it on.
  • No hood and no pockets: it is the simplest Hoodie with a round neck. This makes it very versatile.
  • Hooded and zipped: it is a clean Hoodie, the traditional one, with a zipper in the center. It is ideal to use as a Slim model and it will serve you to wear it in layers.
  • Hooded with a zipper halfway: It is the least common of all but it is a good combination between a Hoodie without and one with a zipper. It has a zipper from the neck to the middle of the torso, which allows you to put it on without problems. You can buy it adjusted.

Ideas To Wear A Stylish Hoodie

We will divide our advice between men and women. So everyone will know the best options to wear Hoodies and look good.

Nike x Fear of God Men's Pullover Hoodie. Nike JP

General tips for wearing a Hoodie:

  • Don’t wear the hoodie with a rock band logo on the front.
  • He prefers pure cotton designs. They last longer and are of better quality.
  • Those without a zipper look more formal than those with a zipper.
  • Wear a Hoodie that fits you well, that is your size.
  • He prefers solid color Hoodies without a logo.

As Part Of A Layered Look

When you wear it as part of a layered look it loses a bit of prominence. But it is a great help to protect you on the coldest days. You will look good and be hot at the same time.

To achieve this look you should wear a Hoodie with or without a zip over a simple shirt, preferably white. Over these a coat. And complete with slim-fit jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Under A Leather Jacket

If you were not convinced by the layered look with a coat. You can use this option, a combination of Hoodie with leather jacket is a classic, it works well year after year. So have no doubt that it will look good on you.

The best thing is that now the Hoodies have better fabrics, which fit better to the body. So you won’t look all tight with a Hoodie under a jacket. Of course, invest in pieces that are of quality, that fit you well. And that you can use them in different situations.

A black leather jacket with black or navy blue jeans will look great. Wear different colored Hoodies. To improve the look, combine with leather shoes or Chelsea boots.

Hoodies With Suits

You can wear a Hoodie with a tux or blazer, but you need to channel your look well to look great. Don’t be afraid to try it.

Pair the Hoodie with a casual suit and some sneakers. Try a light gray Hoodie, with a suit of a lighter shade and lace-up shoes. You can also try a blue Hoodie and a dark gray blazer.

Hoodies With Dress Pants

This is a similar look to the previous one; you can wear a Hoodie with dress pants. This way you will get out of the teenage style of Hoodies.

He prefers a neutral-toned Hoodie, dress pants, and fancy sneakers. If you want to go a little further, wear checked pants.

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