Best customizations to get in Oodies for Australia trip

Ira T. Martin
The best Oodies to buy right now in Australia | Now To Love

Vacation to the land of Dreams Australia calls for some amazing oodies in your bagpack. This stunning place is spectacularly beautiful. It will make your spirits go up and make your body filled with joy. A fulfilled body needs a flowy and comforting outfit that lets you breathe. When we think of something like that only one thing comes to our minds- Oodies.

Oodies are blanket sweatshirts that are perfect for the breathtaking views of Australia. Oodies can be customised in various prints without any additional charges. Most of the Oodies brands allow their customers to customise shapes, sizes, as well as prints. Even if a certain brand does not offer free customisation, a very nominal fee has to be paid for making an exceptional print on your blanket sweatshirt.

Getting some cool and relatable ideas for getting those trendy designs might be a struggle for many. Here are our suggestions on the oodies that you should get customized before visiting Australia

1.    Australia is world famous for its reefs. The great barrier reef in Australia is the perfect place to wear a sweatshirt blanket during winters. A bright coloured sweater blanket would look extremely stunning in the lush green scenery of the reef. For this purpose, you can get a plain red, orange, bright pink, bright blue, or such solid shades on your oodie blanket which look great against the green backdrop.

2.    It is a well-known fact that you cannot say no to a barbecue in Australia. So, what is better than getting a barbecue printed on your sweatshirt blanket and never saying no to barbecues. Go to the closest oodie store near you or order the custom oodie blanket online with the letter barbecue printed on it.

3.     Australia is also known for its aboriginal culture. If you want to blend in with the local people, getting a rusty oodie would be a great idea. Already available oodie alternatives in the sun and the moon print can also serve this purpose.

4.    The Sydney Mountain harbour bridge is perfect for getting those Instagramable pictures. To match the perfect location, you definitely need to have a bright rainbow striped sweatshirt blanket. You can also get a customised oodie blanket printed with lots of colours in bright shade to get the best vibe around this location.

If you are planning to wear your regular dresses and clothing items such as jeans, joggers, or normal sweatshirts in Australia, we suggest you drop the idea right away. This is the right time to get your sweatshirt blanket customised for this long-awaited vacation to Australia and make the most of all lovely moments. Moreover, your luggage would be lighter if you pack more sweatshirt blankets then other clothes- sweatshirt blankets that are actually life savers!

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